A Father's Love: The Narrative And Perception of Black Fathers!

Black fathers we need you. Black fathers we need you. Black fathers we need you. I can say this statement a thousand times and some people will still not understand the importance of it. There is a misconception and narrative being told that black fathers are not in their children’s lives. Now, we know that is not true. There are plenty of father’s who spend everyday nurturing and caring for the well being of their children. but we wont hear about it or see it because it damages the narrative.

Of course there are fathers who are not in their children’s lives. We know this is a problem in all races. But for some “strange” reason black men are the deadbeat dads, jail birds, baby daddies and the list goes on. This has been the narrative in the movies where you see the child waiting for the father but he never shows up, or the single mother raising her children alone and then finds a man that helps her take care of her children. The narrative is strong!!!

I am here to tell you that this narrative is NOT TRUE. The situations and stories that are displayed in movies and TV shows can happen, and have happened to many young black girls and boys. It has happened to me. My father was not in my life growing up, he was in and out. The narrative can be true in some instances. BUT THIS NARRATIVE IS NOT THE OVERALL NARRATIVE OF BLACK MEN! And that is how it is being portrayed. When we see this narrative so much we tend to think it is normal and that it is true, because we are so used to seeing it.

I want us to get out of this mindset. I want us to appreciate the black men who are in their children’s lives and not make them pay for the mistakes that SOME fathers have made. We have to stop making it seem like this is just what black men do because not all men are like that, and not all men should be treated like that. Appreciate and honor the father’s who are doing what they are suppose to do, not constantly talking about the ones who aren’t!